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The image journey seems to fit our lives, when we are always moving in some direction, even when we think we have arrived at a moment of rest, something happens and we are "on the road again."

Journey also applies to our spiritual lives, we seek to move more and more into the fullness of God's love--mercy, justice, and peace.  We live in the way of love, remembering the first name given to Jesus' followers was people of the "Way" (Acts 9:2)

Since we are on a journey, we might take a moment to look back, not to long for times past, rather simply to see where we have been, as we prepare to take our next steps, "making the road  by walking." We have spent time considering resilience--both celebrating our resilience and thinking of how we might build more resilience, we focused on God's messengers of love, "Angels Among Us" as we received their message, "Do not be Afraid", and currently we are thinking about how we make our path--as individuals, a church, a society--by simply walking in faith.

Now we turn to look in front of us, of course there are so many choices, so numerous challenges, and abundant possibilities for our journey, yet we may sense that as with every journey we need time to rest, relax, and contemplate what is going on with us.  As we read the stories of Jesus' journey, he made the road of love by calling disciples, confronting the status quo, inviting people into God's love, embracing those who were hurting, offering grace to all, and taking time to simply get away and listen.

Lent is a good time for us to take a pause on our journey, quiet ourselves, and listen--listen to ourselves, to each other, to God, and to all creation.

Listen, Just listen.  Let us take the forty days of Lent and simply listen.

The Rev. Dr. Marcia McFee uses the image of misplacing our cell phone (which is on vibrate of course), she says when we can't find our phone we might ask someone to call it, but since it is on vibrate it will be hard to hear, so we have everyone get very quiet, focus, and listen for that little buzz of the phone.  She says, "It is a quieting down and high alert at the same time."

This year for Lent, let us join together in quieting ourselves and increasing our attentiveness as we, like Elijah hear "a sound of shere silence" (1 Kings 19:12).

Lent begins with an Ash Wednesday service on February 14th as we "listen deeply" to our Loving God's Wisdom.  Our text for that evening will be Luke 1:9-15.

The Sundays of Lent:

  Feb. 18, 2018   "Finding Your Cave: Listening Spaces"   1 Kings 19:11-12
  Feb. 25, 2018  "Finding Your Breath:  Listening to our Bodies"  Romans 8:26-30, 38-39
  Mar.  4, 2018  "Finding a Word:  Listening to the Texts"  Proverbs 1:20-23
  Mar. 11, 2018  "Finding Your Power: Listening for Healing"  Mark 5:24-34
  Mar. 18, 2018  "Finding Your Mystic: Listening Beyond the Voices" Romans 12:2-12'
  Mar. 25, 2018  "Finding Your Life: Listening to Your Heart"  Matthew 26:36-46

Please join us in forty days of quiet and attentive "Listening."

Grace and peace.


PS:  Also remember we have 10 young people in our Confirmation Class who are on their journey of knowing more of the God of Love.  Please pray for them, their mentors, their families, and the teachers.

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