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Over the last few weeks we have thought a lot about resilience--being resilient and becoming more resilient, or perhaps even post-traumatic stress growth.  Resilience can be understood as moving through our many experiences of hurt, pain, and trauma and becoming stronger, wiser, and more personally powerful.  Hopefully our thoughts and reading about resilience have been helpful for us and others in our lives.  We will not be directly focusing on resilience as a theme in our Advent 2017 worship series or in our worship series beginning the new Year of 2018, but we will continue to think about how all the messages of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and other Spiritual Guides all speak to being resilient and becoming more resilient.

"Angels Among Us: #DoNotBeAfraid," is our theme for Advent and Christmas.  Yes, not being afraid is necessary for resilience, as we hear God's second favorite word to us: "Do Not Be Afraid."  Not being afraid does not mean we never fear, nor experience fear, or even get scared, rather not being afraid means not allowing our fear to define or drive our lives.  Yes, we will experience fear, but in God's love we do not have to live in constant fear.

In many parts of the Bible we read about angels, simply understood, angels (according to the definition of the word) are messengers, angels are messengers of God, bringing God's love to us and all humanity.

Angels Among Us
Flying in the Face of Fear at Advent 2017

        Dec. 3, 2017 "Make Ready a People:  #morehope"  Luke 1:5-25, 57-80
        Dec. 10, 2017 "Nothing is Impossible:  #morepeace" Luke 1:26-56
        Dec. 17, 2017 "Do Not Be Afraid:  #morejoy"  Matthew 1:18-25
        Dec. 24 (morning), 2017 "This Will be A Sign:  #morelove"  Luke2:1-14
        Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve), 2017 "#DoNotBeAfraid"  Luke 2: 15-20
        Dec. 31, 2017 "Get Up and Go:  #morelife"  Matthew 2:1-23

Peace and Grace,


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